Custom Video Orders

At Session Girl Productions, we specialize in Custom Video Orders.  We don’t mean just girls we happen to be working with, we mean ANY CUSTOM VIDEO ORDERS/ANY GIRL!
That’s right, we have personally vetted producers all over the world, so if you want a custom with a girl in Las Vegas, New York, London, Hungary or wherever, we will handle all the arrangements in getting you a high-quality, clean, high-resolution video.  4k is even available in some cases.  To be clear, you do not have to order your custom through us, many of the girls will shoot their own customs for you and you are free to contact them directly.  We just specialize in custom videos and guarantee their quality.
Here are some things to keep in mind when ordering a Custom Video..

  • The more complicated the scenario, the more the video will cost. Some of the best Custom Videos are where you give us the general idea of what you want, but let us take it from there and be creative. But this is your video, make it as detailed as you want.
  • The longer the video, the more the video will cost.
  • The price you will be quoted is with the thought that Session Girl Productions will at some point, be allowed to post your video on our site. If you want your video to be exclusive, meaning just for you, it will raise the price a bit.

If you are interested in ordering a custom video, please send all the following information to

  • Your Name (or whatever you like to be called)
  • Your Email Address
  • Name of the Girl or Girls you would like in your video, including any links to their social media, session girls profile, etc.
  • Desired Length of your video
  • What is your budget? (how much are you willing to spend?)
  • Full Description of what you’d like in your video, setting, male victims, story details, etc.

As soon as we get your Custom Video Request, and you approve our quote,  we’ll go to work putting together an amazing video for you.

D Jenkins from California writes…
“My experience with Session Girls Customs has been pretty much excellent from start to finish. The communication before the shoot is outstanding. Very responsive and clear, and if you aren’t sure exactly who you want to be in the shoot, they are able to provide great recommendations based on the type of custom you are looking for.
And I can’t say enough about the videos themselves! I’ve done two customs through Session Girl Productions and both turned out at least as good as, if not better than, what I was expecting. Excellent picture quality and camera work, everything I laid out in my script was included, and the effort by all involved was top notch.
If you are interested in ordering a custom, this is bar none the place to go! Excellent communication that leads to a video that actually lives up to your expectations; you really can’t ask for more.”