First and foremost, if you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to write us at customvideo@sessiongirlproductions.com

It’s important to note, we ARE NOT sessiongirlclips.com.  That is a completely separate site and has  nothing to do with Session Girl Productions.

Session Girl Productions is a standalone video site offering both Platinum Access to ALL of our Videos, or Videos On Demand, all featuring the Incredible, Dominant Females of SessionGirls.com

In addition to being a premiere Video Store and Platinum Access site, one of our main focuses is custom videos.  We don’t just do custom videos for whoever is close to us.  We take care of ALL your custom video needs, ensuring that no matter where the girl(s) are that you would like in your video, they are done exactly how you want in beautiful high quality.  See our Custom Video Orders section for more information.

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Session Girl Productions

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